House guard and guide

At San Bernardo you will experience the pleasure of enjoying a private property with staff to cater for your needs. If that is your wish, the estate guard will accompany you during your hunting activities, or will approach your children to country way of life and secrets. If you wish that your younger children enjoy the unique experience of living in the wild nature, please ask the property guard to guide them in his daily activities.

Sports and open air activities

Horse riding

Horse rides inside the Hacienda San Bernardo:
San Bernardo offers a unique natural environment, with an area of ​​1350 hectares, to enjoy a pleasant ride to appreciate the beauty of the Mediterranean forest in all its glory.
Horse rides near the Hacienda San Bernardo:
The location of San Bernardo allows fans to the equestrian world to participate in various activities that provide some of the facilities close to the estate. In Palma del Rio (17 km from the property) there are high level facilities that provide equestrian activities, horse riding, day trips on horse and in carriages, etc.
They offer also riding lessons for children, so they can begin or improve their riding skills.

Wild animals day and night watchinge

The property guard will lead you and show you the strategic spots to observe the local fauna in its natural habitat.

Walks and paths: Discover and enjoy nature

San Bernardo invites you to explore the many roads that cross the property and to blend with the environment and enjoy different outdoor activities. It will be the perfect opportunity to introduce you children to love of nature, healthy living, contact with pets in a safe and natural environment.

During the walks you will have the opportunity to observe wild species that live in the property in their natural habitat. The guard-guide of the property can design the tour that allows you to see these animals, difficult to see in freedom.

In Hornachuelos Natural Park Mountain Range (Mapa) you will be able to find lovely walks and paths that will lead you to discover the Park’s natural beauty and to enjoy amazing views of Mediterranean forest. You will blend with the environment and observe the various birds and wild animal species that live in the Natural Park.

Footpaths in Hornachuelos Natural Park

Other sports in Hornachuelos (less than 10 minutes drive)

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Tennis courts (2)
  • Gymnasium
  • Soccer ground
  • Swimming pool

Water sports

  • Boat trips and kayak (ten minutes drive)
  • Water skiing (30 min drive)

Turism and culture


  • CÓRDOBA (50 km – 45 mins)
  • SEVILLA (102 Km – 90 mins)
  • GRANADA (Various ways: speed 240 km – 3 h / panoramic 210 km – 4 h)

Other interesting visits nearby:

Popular Fairs and feasts

Córdoba Fair (Feria de Córdoba)

Sevilla Fair (Feria de Sevilla)

Popular feasts in Hornachuelos:

  • San Abundio Pilgrimage (last Sunday of April).
  • San Abundio Fair (from July, the 11th to the following Sunday).
  • Our Lady of Angels Fair (From August the 2nd to the following Sunday).
  • Auction in honour of Our Lady of the Angels (Patron of Hornachuelos)
  • Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Angels (August, the 2nd).
  • Fairs of the Settlement Villages

Local gastronomy

Cordoba’s rich gastronomy is based in fresh local products:

  • Salmorejo
  • Deer “chorizo”
  • Wild boar and deer stew
  • Partridge
  • Rabbit
  • Honey (House produced honey available for sail
  • Orange Marmalade
  • Olive oil