A paradise

The Hacienda San Bernardo is a real paradise and we would have loved to stay there! With its hundreds of hectares of the most beautiful landscapes, you are in a little world of your own, and, at the same time, you don’t feel you are “out of the world”, because many beautiful andalusian towns are within easy reach of 1 hours drive. We felt very happy there and would definitely love to go there again. It was very relaxing and peaceful and the Hacienda gives you a wonderful freedom. We were also very well looked after by lovely people who were really friendly with us— and, housekeeper Leo’s cooking is great, her salmorejo is better than any other we tried in prize-winning restaurants!
Our friend who visited us there said that it was a perfect place to film a movie. I think, not only is it a perfect movie-set, but it is also the perfect place to write the screenplay because it is most inspiring. On one hand, there is the beautiful nature surrounding it, the perfume in the air which is a mixture of eucalyptus, cork oak, orange, rosemary, sage…, you hear all kinds of birds singing, in the late afternoon there is a beautiful golden light, at nighttime the half-moon shines brighter than the full-moon does in London…, but also the house itself is inspiring, because it has got what in wines is called “solera”, an exquisite flavor created by age. It looks back onto a very noble tradition of hunting and many black and white photographs in the house tell you about its history. It is a very beautiful and impressive old building decorated with huge paintings of hunting scenes, old tapestry and, of course, many antlers.
Well, we spent a real dream holiday there and when we returned to London we terribly missed all the freedom and peace we had there and all the nice people we met!
Recommended for: Adventure Seekers, Pet-friendly, Families with Young Children, Romantic Getaway

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