Thank you for a wonderful stay!

Dear Cristal,
We all thoroughly enjoyed San Bernardo.  We sensed every brick and tile had a story to tell and felt the presence of a strong family past whose story is entwined with the history of Spain and more widely across Europe.  Well, we had fun speculating anyway!  We also enjoyed all the family photographs which hinted at a great heritage.
San Bernardo, the lodge and the grounds, had fabulous aspects at every turn.  We loved the formal gardens and the contrasting rolling hills.  It was a highlight of the day to have breakfast amongst the grove of citrus trees.  The rooms were splendid with their grand windows allowing the beauty of the outside world to flood into the rooms; filling them with the mingling fragrances of jasmine, herbs and all manner of verdant plants and other fresh summer blossoms.
San Bernardo’s  Governess, Leo, looked  after us wonderfully and her husband had a great knowledge of the local flora and fauna.  They were keen to share their knowledge with us as we were keen to hear all they had to say.  Interestingly, one amongst our party works for Parks Canada and we were curious to compare and contrast what it took to maintain, preserve and sustain the parklands in both countries.  Thank you to all of them for the care and attention they paid to us.  Most especially, we would like to mention Leo’s paella prepared to celebrate my birthday (she feared paella was not one of the best dishes she could cook but we thoroughly enjoyed her efforts!).
Thank you once again to you and your family for allowing us the privilege to stay at San Bernardo and we wish you well.

With warmest regards,
S.S.  (August – September 2011

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